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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death comes with a sad smilly

After the release of Windows 8 Developer Preview, we saw all sorts of changes to the user interface, and one of those changes is related to the infamous Blue Screen of Death.

Few months ago, we wrote that Windows 8 won’t have Blue Screen of Death, and instead of infamous BSoD Windows 8 should use new Black Screen of Death. Since Developer Preview is rather unstable, BSoD isn’t uncommon, and we’re glad to inform you that even BSoD has been changed.
Instead of black or blue screen filled with unreadable code, new Blue Screen of Death comes with a sad smiley face and one line that describes the current error. As you can see, Windows 8 still has Blue Screen of Death, but unlike BSoD from its predecessors, new BSoD isn’t that frightening and confusing to the users.
Windows 8 has all sorts of user interface changes, and although this is a minor visual change, it still looks better than a standard BSoD that we saw in previous versions of Windows.
[via Geek]


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