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Freeware to download YouTube Videos in HD
Many Youtube videos are now HD format. Many music videos, clips, movie trailers, celebrity news and gossip are available in HD.Although there are many video downloaders out there which downloads the Youtube videos in various formats.Internet Download Manager is one such downloader which is famous for its mind-boggling speeds.When you install the application, it pops up a window whenever it detects any video or audio format or for that matter anything downloadable, whenever you visit the website.It has the capability to resume the download in case of any internet failure.Also there is an Add-on of Firefox, called DownloadHelper which also helps in downloading video and audio.
Various video format are supported such as avi, mp4, flv etc. You can view the videos in Winamp or VLC after you complete downloading.Now here is a Freeware software which will help you download videos from Youtube and watch it in DVD quality. Also we know about the Youtube converter which converts any video to its audio file in mp3 format.For those who wanna check it out, go to this site and paste your youtube URL.
But here we are talking about a software which can download Youtube videos in HD format. And Youtube
Fisher is the thing we all are looking for.Freeware to download Youtube Videos in HD
YoutubeFisher is a stand-alone application that allows to download media (video and/or audio) directly from youtube.YoutubeFisher isn’t a converter: it only retrieves the video and saves it in the format chooses by user
(full-HD, HD, HQ mp4, flv, mobile 3gp, audio mp3 or aac).
You can download youtube videos in high definition and upload it to Facebook to share it with your friends.!
So this Freeware to download Youtube Videos in HD is quite handy in conclusion.

Convert MP3 to M4A Format
A file can be of different type of formats. There are many times when your media device does not support the format of the file that you want to play on it. In such cases, we normally prefer changing the format of our files to the format supported by our media device. A media device can be a mobile phone, handycam, computer, dvd player or a media player. The most accepted audio format is the mp3 file format and it is available almost everywhere. But, the M4A format is quite uncommon.

The M4A format:

M4A stands for ‘MPEG 4 Audio’. So, the M4A file extension of the MP4 format only includes audio. Now, we know that MP3 is an audio format. Then, there is MP4 which is a popular media format. If your media file contains only audio but no video files then MP4 can be simply renamed to the M4A format and vice versa. The size occupied by the M4A format is almost half of what MP3 occupies. The M4A is hence also called the ‘Audio part of MP4’. So, all the audio or video players which can identify the MP4 files must also recognize the M4A extension. The latest version of the Windows Media Player which is very well-known also supports the M4A format with media codec.

Conversion of MP3 to M4A Format

Rarely do people require conversion of an MP3 file to an M4A file. But, still in case it is needed, then it is easy to convert MP3 to M4A or MP3 to M4B format by employing the 4Musics Multiformat Converter.

First of all, you are supposed to download the software of this . It is of 6 MB in size.
Install it on your PC. Then you’ll get the following screen:

After this, depending on your requirement, you can simply convert numerous files or a single file. The predefined shortcut button can also be used to make this job quicker and easier. This software supports conversion between many other file formats rather than to M4A only.
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