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Unblock Restricted Websites

Do you want to gain access to some sites which are blocked at your workplace or school or college etc.? For this, you need to unblock these restricted websites using one of the few methods devised for the same. So, the process of obtaining admission to a specific site which is blocked is called unblocking a website. Large corporates , schools, colleges, companies block websites like social networking sites, download and music sites etc. so that their employees or students do not waste time in these leisure activities.
There are a few reasons due to which one is unable to access a website. The actual reason can be one of the following:

1.      The website itself is blocking you.
2.      Websites blocked by routers.
3.      There is something between you and the website that is blocking one to gain access to the site.

In each of the case, you can use some method to access the restricted websites.

1. Achieve Access to Site which has blocked You
There are many cases in which IP addresses of people are blocked by the websites. So, if you receive the message that says – IP is banned or Bad IP, then you should either change your IP address permanently or momentarily. A broadband connection having dynamic IP does not face this problem because the IP address is dynamic and it changes involuntarily from time to time.

2. Unblock website that are blocked by Routers
Firewall options on the routers of many users also block access to some sites if the Firewall has put on the filter. In such cases, what you can do is to browse any proxy site and try to access the desired website from there. If still you are not able to access the blocked website, then you will be required to somehow access the router login which is generally an IP address and its password.  Once you get these, you can configure the settings to disable the specific webpage from being blocked.

3. Unblock the blocked websites
As already discussed above, many institutions block social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc; music sites, download sites, porn sites mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo etc. By employing an anonymous proxy site, this type of content filter can be evaded. Many proxy browsing sites are offered. Some of them are:


Bulk Download Picasa Stored Photos

If you upload your pictures and photographs on the Picasa Web Gallery and you want to have a backup copy of all the photos saved in your Picasa Web Album on your computer then you are at the right place. You can easily make use of the option on hand which allows you to bulk download all your photos uploaded on Picasa such that you can view them even when you are not online.

This can be done by making use of the desktop based Picasa Software which is employed to Setup Sync to Web in Picasa.

  • So, after running the Picasa Software once, you are supposed to login to your Google Account. This would let you gain access to the account where your photos are uploaded.
  • After this, click on File.
  • Here, go to Import from Picasa Web Albums.

As a consequence, you will see a list of several albums which are presently created and accessible in your Web Albums section along with the dates of their creation.

Here, you can see two options-

1.      Import all Albums

2.      Import selected albums.

  • You are then supposed to pick on one of these options based on our requirement.
  • After this, click OK.

Once you click the Ok button, it’ll begin downloading all the Pictures which are amassed online to your system at the following locations.

  • Windows: My Documents\My Pictures\Downloaded Albums
  • Mac: Pictures\Downloaded Albums

At these places, you can hit upon all the pictures. Additionally, while the photos are being downloaded, you’ll be given a Desktop Notification. This notification will tell you about the progress on the total number of Albums downloaded.

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