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Sunday, October 23, 2011

RingShuffle service gives you temporary phone number

If you don’t want to give your real cellphone number to certain people for some reason, there is a special app for iPhone called RingShuffle, that could help you with that.

RingShuffle is a service that will generate a disposable phone numbers for you, in case if you’re not comfortable with giving your real phone number to certain people that you don’t know that well. With RingShuffle, you can give disposable phone numbers to anyone,
and when that person tries to call your temporary number, their call will be redirected to your real number while keeping your real phone number hidden. Regarding temporary phone numbers, each temporary phone number is valid for seven days after which it will expire and become unusable.
RingShuffle is a great service if you want to keep your privacy, and currently it’s available as app only for iPhone, while other platforms can use RingShuffle web version.
[via Ubergizmo]


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