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Monday, October 24, 2011

Improved Windows Task Manager in Windows 8: Find and end applications and processes easier

If you’re Windows user, than you probably know that Windows 8 has some of the new features such as the new and redesigned boot process and ability to log in with your Windows Live ID. However, in addition to these features, we also have to mention that Windows Task Manages has been improved as well.

During the years, Task Manager was filled with all sorts of information such as the list all active applications, processes and services, but that list was confusing to some users, therefore, Microsoft decided to simplify it a bit. Now, Task Manager is comprised of list of active applications, so you can easily end them with a single click. However, if you want to find out which process is taking most of your memory, you can click on more details button that will show you the list of all active applications and processes along with the CPU,
memory, hard drive and network usage next to each process. That way you can find application or a process that takes most of your resources and easily shut it down.

Windows Task Manager in Windows 8 has been simplified, and this is a great addition for both average and experienced users as well.
[via PC World]


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