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Monday, October 24, 2011

PR2 robot can find and bring sandwiches to you

We already know that PR2 robots can do all sorts of things, and if you’re a fan of PR2 robot, you’ll be pleased to hear that this robot can now find and fetch sandwiches for you.

Thanks to the students from University of Tokyo and Technische Universität München, PR2 robot has a new practical purpose, and that purpose is to bring you sandwiches. If you want a sandwich, all that you have to do is ask PR2 robot to bring you a sandwich and PR2 will use digital map of its environment and leveraging semantic search information to locate and bring you a sandwich. It’s interesting to see that PR2 will check your refrigerator for sandwiches, and if there are no sandwiches there,
PR2 will find a sandwich shop on its own, even if that means going to the different floor using the elevator.
It’s great to see that PR2 can be practical and helpful to you, and we can only wonder what will PR2 be able to do in the future.
[via Technabob]


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