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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

World’s most expensive iPad 2 costs $8.2 million

So how can an iPad 2 cost this much? Many of us may already have heard about Stuart Hughes, which has shown the world the most expensive iPhone wallet, Gucci diamond belts or the world’s most expensive suit. Now he has launched the iPad 2 Gold History Edition, which is a standard Apple iPad 2 just that it has 12.5 carats of diamonds and a 24 carat Apple logo from 53 gems.

The rear of the iPad 2 is covered in 24 carat gold and the front is made from the oldest rocks in the world, Ammolite, and is over 75 million years old. To make it even more exclusive,
this iPad 2 also has a 65-million-year old T-rex dinosaur’s thigh bone which was shaved into the Ammolite then finished off with ultimate jewel.
Only two such devices will be available and the cost for one iPad 2 Gold History Edition is 8.2 million dollars or £5 million, the only thing left for Stuart Hughes now to wait for two buyers for his latest creation.
[via Bornrich]


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