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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kingston Class10 microSD cards now available in 16GB

Kingston is a leading brand in small storage devices among SD cards, microSD cards and USB flash drives. The normal microSD cards which are 4GB from Kingston are 4MB/second transfer rate but they are raising the bar. Kingston has released a 16GB microSD card which can transfer files at 10MB/second.

The new transfer speeds should help those using microSD cards in their phones and their cameras. The new transfer speeds will help you transfer music downloads and other files that you store on your Android or Blackberries quicker. The memory cards are available from the end of March,
the next update will be a 32GB microSD card but you will have to wait until early 2011.
For the 4GB microSD card from Kingston it’ll cost $22, but it will cost up to $138 for the 16GB model. The selling point of the new microSD memory cards will for sure be the fast transfer speeds, with over 2x of an improvement.
[via Engadget]


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