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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kinect used to teach kids in South Africa

All over the world Microsoft Kinect is in big hype. Not only is it the first interactive video game in which you do not need a controller for, but it also can be educational. 10 Million Kinects have been sold throughout the world, but also many different hacks have come out for it that can enhance the ability of the Kinect.

Currently a group of teachers at an elementary school in South Africa are experimenting and using the Kinect to teach students English while they play the game.
A teacher says that “most students are too shy to speak up in class, but with Kinect they seem to have no problem yelling out English words to their classmates.

In Japan the Nintendo DS has been used to teach and in the United States and iPads have been used in classrooms to learn a new concept, why shouldn’t the Kinect be used in certain situations where it can be educational?
[via Joystiq]


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