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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SnapKeys explains how 2i will work at CTIA

Not a while ago, we wrote about a new app that could make text input a lot simpler and faster on your cellphone. In case you don’t remember, that app is called SnapKeys 2i, and today we have some additional information about it.

As you might know, SnapKeys 2i should make text input a lot faster and simpler than before, and unlike other apps, SnapKeys 2i doesn’t use an on screen keyboard that covers half of your screen. As for SnapKeys, they have explained how their app works on this year’s CTIA. SnapKeys 2i uses onscreen keyboard that is divided into four buttons, and each button represents a certain type of character,
so it doesn’t take too much screen space.
The reason why SnapKeys 2i is so fast is that it utilises clever algorithms and comprehensive dictionaries, so it can predicts what word you’re typing.
According to SnapKeys, this app has 99% accuracy and it’s so simple to use that even a 5th grader can use it. As for availability, we should see SnapKeys 2i on Android, Windows Phone 7 and iOS platforms, though so far, no information about its pricing is available.
[via Ubergizmo]


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