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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Smell your video games and movies with SMELLIT

In order to enhance your gaming or multimedia experience, we have seen all sorts of weird devices, but this latest device will let you actually smell the video game or movie that you’re currently watching.

This new device is called SMELLIT, and it is designed by French company Olf-action, and according to its creators, SMELLIT should allow you to smell your favorite movies and video games. This device comes with interesting design, and it actually looks like a pair of speakers, but sadly, SMELLIT is still a prototype, so we doubt that we’ll see it on the market anytime soon. List of aromas that SMELLIT would be
able to produce is still unknown along with the way that SMELLIT produces all of these smells.
As we said earlier, SMELLIT is still a prototype, but it was shown at Lisbon Design Show in Portugal recently, however, we doubt that we’ll see it in stores anytime soon.
[via Technabob]


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