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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Siine Writer: Icon-based free keyboard for Android

As you know, many people have problems with adjusting to the touchscreen keyboards on their smartphones, and we’ve seen all sorts of different keyboard solutions for smartphones, but none of those solutions used icons instead of text characters.

Spain/UK-based company Siine has been working on a new keyboard called Siine Writer for you Android device. Unlike other apps, Siine Writer doesn’t use characters, but instead, it uses icons, and each icon represents a different phrase, so you’ll be able to type your text messages a lot faster with Siine
Writer app. This app comes with several preloaded phrases, but you can change them to fit your writing style, create new icons and phrases or get more phrases from virtual gallery.
At first, it might be hard for you to get used to Siine Writer, and although Siine Writer might not be the perfect keyboard, it’s still worth trying, so make sure you try it since it’s free on Android Market.
[via Tech Crunch]


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