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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Don’t You have a Girlfriend Yet? Make one at fakegirlfriend.co

FakeGirlfriend.co has come out with another service that will enable the user to receive texts as well as calls from a fake girlfriend and you can mange to impress your friends and get an upper hand over them. The service has been created over the Twilio backend that helps app developers to integrate texts and voices into their apps. To use the service you simply need to save your “girlfriend’s name” and send a text when
you are on the way to hang out with your gang and you will receive a lovey-dovey text from the number.
A short while later you will receive a call and when you attend to it, you will get a pre-recorded message that you can listen to, after to ask your friends to give you some privacy as you are talking to “her”.


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