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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smart mirror that displays your heart rate

Mirrors are everyday part of our lives, but with the combination of technology, mirrors too can be taken to another level, so we’ve got a smart mirror that can analyze your heart rate.

This device that is called the Cardiocam, it is a unique device that measures your heart rate and shows it on a display in front of you. This smart mirror is designed by students from MIT Media Lab and
it was shown at the SIGGRAPH interactive technology conference. As for the hardware that runs Cardiocam, a webcam is used to record the minute changes in the skin tone that happens each time when facial capillaries fill and empty with every heartbeat. After recording that, the computer will analyze your facial color change and it will display your current heart rate on the mirror itself.
Cardiocam sounds amazing since you’ll be able to see your heart rate without using any additional devices, but from a clinical perspective, is there any benefit? Anyhow we’re hoping to see more features in the future.
[via Ubergizmo]


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