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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Latest solar gadgets: Solar Vox Ultra – a flower shaped solar charger

Solar chargers aren’t anything new, but most of these chargers come with an unattractive and simple design, and if you want a nice looking solar charger, then you should seriously consider the latest Solar Vox Ultra.

Solar Vox Ultra is an improved version of Solar Vox and it is designed by Eric Botzen of Botzen Design. Unlike other solar chargers that only come with a black solar panel, Solar Vox Ultra is
designed in shape of a flower and it even comes with petal-like panels. Of course, these panels aren’t here as a decoration, and they are actually being used to reflect the sunlight at the center of a charger. Another thing that makes this charger so special is its small size, so it’s perfect for traveling.
Solar Vox Ultra charges all devices using its USB port so the list of compatible devices is endless. Sadly, this device isn’t available for sale yet, but we hope that we’ll see it in stores soon.
[via Ubergizmo]


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