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Saturday, October 22, 2011

mLogic mDock: USB hub and external hard drive for your Mac

In case you have many USB devices connected to your laptop at home, it can be really tedious to unplug them every time when you want to take your laptop outside, but luckily, mLogic has solution to this problem.

USB hubs have been present on the market for a while, but this latest USB hub comes from mLogic and it is called mDock. Just like with any other USB dock, you can attach several USB devices to it, and then attach your mDock to your Mac via USB port. It’s a rather neat solution,
especially if you have several USB devices attached to your Mac. In addition to USB ports, mDock features 10W charge port that chargers your iOS devices, and mDock can also work as external hard drive that backs up your MacBook system disk via Time Machine.
mDock is one universal device,  and there are two models: 500GB or 1TB, and they are priced  $219 and $299 respectively.
[via Ubergizmo]


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