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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mario in a Box: A different Mario game

During the years, we saw many Super Mario games, and we know that Super Mario has a large community of fans. Speaking of Super Mario fans, they have been busy, and they have managed to create a game called Mario in a Box.

Mario in a Box isn’t actually a video game, it’s is a side-scrolling game that is placed inside of a box in which you move Mario up and bellow using the potentiometer. In case you don’t manage to avoid an obstacle, there are magnets behind obstacles that work as coalition detectors,
and in case that collision occurs, the box will close itself using servo mechanism. As for the development, Mario in a Box has been developed by Adam Kumpf using Teagueduino open source hardware platform.
Mario in a Box looks interesting, and if you’re Mario fan, you should probably check this box out. Sadly, it’s not available for purchase at the time.
[via Technabob]


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