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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hatsuden-Nabe is an eco friendly charging pot

Charging your devices is always a trouble, especially if you’re outdoors, but even while you’re camping, you can recharge your devices in an eco-friendly way.

This latest charger is called Hatsuden-Nabe and its developed by Japanese company TES NewEnergyCorporation. What makes this charger so special is its unique design. Unlike other eco-friendly chargers out there, this one is designed like a cooking pot, in fact,
it is a cooking pot with an USB cable attached. Therefore, while you’re cooking with your pot, it automatically turns the heat into electricity and charges any USB device connected. For example, it takes about three to five hours, to fully recharge your iPhone. You can even use this charger on open fire, and you can simply turn all that extra temperature into electricity for your devices.
Hatsuden-Nabe is certainly one unique eco-friendly charger, but it doesn’t come cheap, you can get it for $280 in Japan.
[via CrunchGear]


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