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Monday, October 17, 2011

EDWARD – a new, rather unusual eco-friendly vehicle

If you’re looking for a new and exciting eco-friendly way to commute to work you might be interested in the latest vehicle developed by mechanical engineering students from the University of Adelaide.
This new eco-friendly vehicle is called Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping or simply EDWARD, and it is using the same idea as a monowheel, but unlike the monowheel,
EDWARD has two wheels that allows the driver to keep balance at all times. In addition, EDWARD is capable of gerbiling effect so the driver can easily rock back and forth during hard braking or fast acceleration. Of course, the research team behind EDWARD has been working hard in order to minimize this by using built-in dynamic lateral stability and slosh control. Thanks to these features you can even drive EDWARD upside down, but you can also turn these features off if you don’t fancy that.
EDWARD is one unusual looking device for commuting, we’re not sure if we’ll ever see this vehicle on the streets.
[via OhGizmo]


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