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Friday, February 25, 2011

SwimBrowser hack for Kinect lets you ‘swim through the internet

We see all sorts of Kinect hacks almost every week, but we don’t recall one that allows you to use Kinect for ‘swimming through’ the internet. I also don’t think that’s something on everyone’s mind, but there you go.
David Stolarsky created this hack as a part of the OpenNI Developer Challenge, and it’s called the SwimBrowser.
The name is quite self-explanatory, so it’s quite obvious that you’ll use all sorts of swimming moves in order to navigate through web pages. This concept sounds great, but how does it work? You just need to make swimming movements, in order to zoom in and zoom out, and if you zoom in onto a hyperlink, you’ll automatically visit it. Besides moving back and forth, you can also open new tabs and switch between them with a single move. Only thing that is missing is the text input, but we might see that in the next upcoming versions.

[via Dvice]


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