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Friday, February 25, 2011

New Bing toolbar comes with Facebook support

Although we’re seeing less toolbars in newer browsers these days to keep things simple, Microsoft is still trying its best to keep them, and in fact, Microsoft has released a newer version of its Bing toolbar for IE with some new features.

The latest Bing toolbar will make certain tasks a lot simpler and faster, and we should also notice that Bing toolbar now comes with a Facebook button. With this button, you can check your Facebook
page without the need to leave the page that you’re currently visiting or open a new tab. That way, you can share content with your friends a lot faster than before, but that’s not all. Besides Facebook support, the new toolbar comes with email support so you can read emails from multiple services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail right from the toolbar.
As you can see, this toolbar has a lot to offer if you’re an existing Internet Explorer user, and it’s compatible with IE 7 and newer, so feel free to check it out.
[via TechCrunch]


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