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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Turn your iOS device into handheld console with iCade Mobile

Fans of arcades surely remember iCade Core that turns your iPad into arcade console that we covered recently, and if you want to bring classic gaming experience to other iOS devices, today we have the perfect device for you.

iCade Mobile is intended for portable devices such as iPhone or iPod, and it turns your iOS device into a handheld console. This is device extremely useful if you cannot adjust to virtual keys or
if you simply want to enjoy in video games with actual controller. As for iCade Mobile, it has 4-way directional pad, four front-facing buttons and four shoulder buttons as well. As for the compatibility, this device has a special cradle that is compatible with your iPhone or iPod Touch, and it will keep your iOS device safely docked during the gaming sessions.
iCade Mobile is great for gamers and for those who simply cannot adjust to virtual buttons, and as for availability, iCade Mobile should be available later this year for $79.99.
[via Ubergizmo]


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