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Saturday, February 25, 2012

OSIM uPixie: Programmable USB massager

We know that USB devices can do all sorts of things, they can play our multimedia content, transfer our files, and so much more, but today we have a first USB device that can actually massage you while you’re working on your computer.

You might not know, but company OSIM is famous for its massage chairs, and after massage chairs, they have decided to focus on something more compact, and that’s how we got OSIM uPixie. OSIM uPixie is perfect if you’re experiencing back pain due to long hours spent in front of your computer,
and in order to use OSIM uPixie, you just need to connect it to your USB port and place it on your body and you’re good to go. OSIM uPixie is using Electronic Muscle Stimulation for the massage purposes, and it comes with four predefined massage programs, but you can easily develop your massage program as well, and you can even synchronize the massage with the music player on your computer.
OSIM uPixie is great if you need a quick massage but you don’t want to get away from your computer, and as for the price, this little gadget is priced at $170.
[via Ubergizmo]


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