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Friday, February 17, 2012

Latest Google+ update allows you to share webcam uploads

If you’re a video blogger, and a social networking nut, today we have some great news coming from Google, regarding its social network and video blogs.

As you know, you can share all sorts of content on Google+, but if you’re a video blogger, you need to upload your video to YouTube, and then share it with your Circles on Google+. This can be a
time consuming process sometimes, but luckily for you, Google has added a new feature of Google+ that allows you to share your webcam video with your friends. In order to share your webcam upload, you just have update your status, and choose new “Record video” option, and after you’ve recorded your video with your webcam, you can easily post it as a status update. As you can see, this feature will come in handy to video bloggers, and only limitation is that you have Flash installed.
Google has started rolling out this update today, so it might take a while before this update is available to all Google+ users.
[via Ubergizmo]


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