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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Get a better hold on your iPad 2 with Comfe Hands

Dropping your iPhone can be a disaster, but luckily, there is Flygrip attachment that gives you a grip on your smartphone, but what about your iPad? If you’re worried that you might accidentally drop your iPad 2, today we have an useful accessory that will keep your iPhone safe in your hands.

iPad 2 is thin and smooth device, so it’s no wonder that you might accidentally drop it,
and if you want some extra safety while you’re holding your tablet, Comfe Hands is the right thing for you.

Comfe Hands is created to give you a more comfortable grip while you’re holding your iPad 2, thanks to the two pads that can fit on any corner of your tablet, allowing you to hold your tablet in both landscape and portrait orientation. Comfe Hands gives you a natural and ergonomic hold, but it can also double as an iPad stand.

Comfe Hands is perfect if you want a nice grip and some extra safety while holding your iPad 2. As for the price, Comfe Hands is available on Amazon for $50.
[via Geeky Gadgets]


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