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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Latest iPhone 4/4S Monolith case packs built-in projector and backup battery

If you want to show a photo on your iPhone to a group of friends and don’t have the time to fiddle with transferring files onto a computer, just project it onto a wall with this latest gadget. The Monolith Case by Century is able to project images in 640×360 resolution, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, with 12 lumens of brightness.

The largest projection size possible is 60 inches, but its recommended that this be projected in a dark environment to ensure quality. The Monolith also does double duty as an external battery pack, featuring 1,900mAH battery raising your iPhone’s battery life by an estimated 50%. It will require
4 hours to fully charge although it shouldn’t impact your phone’s charge time.

Unfortunately, for the time being, the Monolith iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S case is available only in Japan and will set you back $260.
[via OhGizmo]


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