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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wireless motion joystick for PC gamers

Motion-controlled gaming is quite popular nowadays, but as you know, PC games have been left out from motion-control gaming, but luckily for all PC gamers out there, Genius will plans to change that.

Genius has announced the launch of Genius Wizard Stick, a wireless motion joystick that allows PC users to play motion games on their computers. According to Genius,
Wizard Stick allows PC users unprecedented control of games and applications simply by moving the controller through the air. In addition, you can use Wizard Stick as a standard control pad at any time. In case you don’t have any motion games on your PC that you can play, don’t worry, because CD that comes with Genius Wizard Stick comes with SEGA Virtua Tennis, and the AIWI gaming platform that allows you to enjoy in 16 Flash games on the AIWI website. We have to mention that if you have iOS or Android device, you can download apps for them and use them as additional controllers for multiplayer games.
The Genius Wizard Stick communicates with PC via tiny wireless receiver and it runs on two AA batteries. As for its pricetag, it is currently priced at $59.90.
[via TechFresh]


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