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Monday, October 17, 2011

Smart Bell developed by a 13-year can trick burglars

Burglary is common problem nowadays, and if you cannot afford an expensive alarm system, than you might be interested in the Smart Bell doorbell which might easily help you trick burglars into thinking you’re actually at home.

A thirteen-year-old boy, Laurence Rook, has invented a special type of doorbell called Smart Bell that can easily trick burglars when they’ve broken into your home. What makes this doorbell so
special is the fact that this doorbell will actually call your handset and allow you to have a conversation with the person who ranged your doorbell. This sounds great, especially because you can trick anyone that you’re at home, even though you’re miles away. This isn’t the perfect solution especially for your phone bill if you’re miles away, but it can protect your home, so you might consider it.
As for the popularity of Smart Bell, Laurence Rook has already sold 20, 000 units to communications firm Commtel Innovate, and he might sell an additional 25,000 devices to another firm in the future.
[via PC Mag]


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