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Monday, October 17, 2011

Smart ATM can remember your face, fingerprints and voice

ATM machines aren’t that safe because anyone can access them if he has a PIN code and your credit card, and in order to improve the security of these devices Russian company is designing a new type of ATMs.

According to reports, Sberbank is currently testing several technologies such as vocal lie detection developed by Speech Technology Center. This software works like an average lie detector, and it measures emotional distress and nervousness. In addition, this software also analyzes the shape of your voice,
and it can easily detect vibrations in your speech. Besides lie detector, this new type of ATM uses 3D facial mapping and recognition, as well as fingerprint scanning. Of course, this ATM still relies on customer’s credit card and history for identity verification.
Sberbank has decided to improve the security of its ATMs, and although this is a good thing, people are concerned about their privacy. However, Sberbank claims that they are not violating their clients’ privacy, so we can only wait and see how these ATMs work in action.
[via Dvice]


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