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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Preview your route in 3D with Google Maps

Google Maps is rather popular web mapping service, and if you’re a Google Maps user, you’ll be pleased to hear that after adding weather forecast to Google Maps, Google has added some new features to its popular mapping service.
As you probably know, navigating with Google Maps in its 2D environment isn’t that hard, but in some cases it’s not enough for some users, so in order to make their user experience easier, Google decided to add a feature that lets you preview your route in 3D. If 2D preview isn’t working for you,
you can simply preview your route in 3D with the 3D play button. After clicking the 3D play button, the map will switch to Earth view and it will start flying over the selected route. Of course, you can pause or even navigate back and forth this route at any time.
This new feature is a great addition to Google Maps, especially if you cannot navigate well in plain 2D environment, so if you haven’t tried this new feature yet, you can check it out on Google Maps website.
[via Mashable]


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