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Monday, October 17, 2011

Optical Fibers to Send Data at 4 Times the Present Speed

The world continues to shrink, thanks to the means of communication that makes information transfer happen, to any part of the world, possible. Optical Fibers sure have increase the speed of data transfer, and soon optical fibers will be able to send signals with four times the present speed, thanks to a research at Chalmers University of Technology.
The Researchers have come up with an optical amplifier that amplifies light with a noise free signal. Not much is known about the working of the amplifier and from the little that is known, it is believed that it works on the principle of varying refractive index of glass.
Optical fibers
The concept will not matter till the time the speeds are enhanced to such a great extent. Besides this, the amplifier produces 1Db noise which can be brought down to zero theoretically. The optical fiber is sure to
change that face of the world, and that too drastically. It would help to connect cities, countries and even continents and the connection would be much stronger than the present one. Amplification hubs will be placed at regular intervals, to ensure that the signal doesn’t weaken at any place.
Chalmers University of Technology will be selling these fibers keeping in perspective, the entire optical telecom industry.


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