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Monday, October 17, 2011

iOS 5 users will be able to delete music directly from iPhone / iOS device

Its been a feature many users have pondered over – why can’t we delete music / songs directly from our iPhone / iOS device? I suppose this in some ways is what makes iOS devices unique from others, yet it is disturbingly inconvenient in my opinion. While we had little mention of this feature when iOS 5 was officially announced earlier this week, it looks like the screenshots below certainly proves Apple is listening to what we want.

With iTunes Match coming down the pipeline,
the ability to delete unwanted tracks will be a much needed feature for those with large music libraries who need to free up disk space to download new music from iCloud. One of the nice things about the feature is that it treats all tracks equally, whether they were downloaded to your device directly from the iTunes app, or sync’d to your iOS 5 device previous. You can even delete the track that is currently playing.

[via Cult of Mac]


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