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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HRP-2 robot can learn and memorise beats, plays flawlessly

Robots are constantly evoloving, and they can do all sorts of things, such as singing and playing instruments, but now we have a robot that can actually recognize and learn the beat patterns. YouTube user mspetitegeek along with her lab colleague Tatsuhiko Itohara have been working with HRP-2, a humanoid robot developed by Kawada Industries.

Their focus is the to use the robot to create real-time interactions with humans during the shows, so they have created a problem that allows the HRP-2 to listen and watch his
human partner while he plays the guitar in order to memorize the beat pattern. After recognizing the beat, HRP-2 stats playing with its partner, matching notes and rhythm perfectly. Although HRP-2 can work with slow beats, we’re wondering if it can handle any faster rhythms?
HRP-2 can recognize, learn, and play without any flaws, we’re hoping for more news about this latest tech robot in the future.
[via Hack A Day]


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