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Monday, October 24, 2011

Flash 11 runs Unreal Tournament 3 in a web browser

Many people believe that HTML 5 will replace Flash eventually, but Flash has proven to be powerful tool at Adobe MAX 2011 conference for designers and developers by running Unread Tournament 3 in web browser.

During the Adobe MAX 2011 conference, Tim Sweeney from Epic demonstrated how Unreal Tournament 3 runs in Flash environment, and for the purpose of this demonstration, latest Flash 11 is used. This means that Flash can now provide console-like quality games right in your browser, so it’s only matter of time when will we be able to enjoy in full 3D Flash games on the web. As for Flash 11,
it has 1000 times faster rendering performance of 2D and 3D graphics that its predecessor Flash 10. According to the developers, we’ll be able to enjoy in console-like quality video games in our browsers, at smooth 60fps at all times thanks to Flash 11.
Unreal Tournament 3 in Flash is just the beginning, and we can’t imagine what 3D games will Flash 11 run in the future.
[via Destructoid]


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