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Monday, October 17, 2011

DropDo Lets You Share Files Online

Transferring files from the internet to your computer system even though it may be sent from a known source, say a friend or a family member. They themselves may be oblivious to the fact, that the file they sent was infested with a virus. This is the main reason why people are generally hesitant when it comes to downloading files from the internet.
There is a place on the internet that allows the safe and secure sharing of files online. The site is called DropDo, a file hosting site that enables the receiver of the file to view it online itself, so there is no need for it to be downloaded for any reason.
Also, the site lets you upload any file that you want to, provided it is within the 25 MB limit. You can upload videos, pictures, texts etc. If you don’t wish to upload a file,
you can also paste the URL of the related link and send it. Drop do doesn’t support batch uploads. Once, you have uploaded the files that you wish to share, the person who it is intended for, can view the files online itself.  There is not time span for which the file would remain on the site, in case you wish to delete an uploaded file, you have to email DropDo about it.


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