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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cobra Tag prevents you from losing your valuables

Losing your keys and other valuable things can be extremely frustrating, and if you’re prone to losing things, than we have something special for you called Cobra Tag.

Cobra Tag is a simple alarm and loss prevention system powered by the Phone Halo technology,  aim to prevent you from losing your valuables. The system is simple,
and it consists of your smartphone and Cobra Tag app and actual Cobra Tag. After you have downloaded the app, you just need to attach Cobra Tag to your keys or other valuables and pair your phone with Cobra Tag using Bluetooth.
The system monitors the distance between the smartphone and Cobra Tag, and if that distance exceeds specified value, you’ll get an audio warning. Besides audio warning, the app will records GPS location and time of the day when the item was lost and it will even send text messages, emails, Facebook notifications, and tweets. In addition, Cobra Tag can help you find your phone simply by tapping it, so you can ring your phone remotely at any time and find it.
Cobra Tag is perfect if you often lose your valuables, it is available for $59.95.
[via TechFresh]


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