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Monday, October 17, 2011

Beer can robot CanBot will entertain you all day

I for one will admit that if I had this robot it would literally entertain me all day. What’s more this beer can robot in disguise created by Ron Tajima is controlled via a Wiimote, what more could you ask for? The CanBot can do a few pretty cool things. It can transform from an unassuming tallboy to a walking robot that shuffles across surfaces on three servo-powered legs.

Powered by AA batteries, those legs can also initiate and control rolling,
for a slightly faster mode of transit. Standing, walking, transforming back into a can–are all controlled by the Wiimote. It’s pretty neat to watch, and makes for a great party trick, check out the first handmade prototype in the video below…
[via Techeblog]


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