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Friday, October 21, 2011

APEN A3 Digital Pen transfers your notes to your smartphone via Bluetooth

We take notes all the time, during the class or during work, but the problem occurs when we need to retype those notes in our computer, so in order to save you from all this tedious retyping process, company APEN has released an interesting solution.

APEN A3 Digital Pen looks like an ordinary pen, but unlike other pens, APEN A3 Digital Pen has one extra feature that allows it to store anything that you write in its memory. This means that you can write,
draw, or sketch anything that you want, and it will be stored in pen’s memory. After you’ve stored your writings to the pen’s memory, you can send it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and use a special app to share your drawings or notes on social networking websites with your friends.
APEN A3 Digital Pen can save you a lot of time so you won’t have to retype your notes, but APEN A3 Digital Pen comes with a price, and it is currently priced at $129.99.
[via Ubergizmo]


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