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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wireless Mobile Phone Chargers from Energizers

With the introduction of the all new Qi induction chargers we welcome you to the future of charging mobile phones. The induction charger works on Qi technology and is used to charge al devices that are Qi compatible and bear the logo of Qi.
Qi charger
 The devices make use of magnetic fields to charge phones and not cable chargers and metallic wires. This technology is being adopted by lots of mobile phone manufacturers as they see
the immense potential of the technology. In the future people would like to charge their phones not via cables or USB pots but through induction charging. Induction charging is a lot more convenient and comfortable than wire charging.

The companies that manufacture mobile phones which are Qi compatible are Nokia, Verizon, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sanyo, Panasonic and RIM. These handset manufacturers make their mobile phones to be Qi compatible and so in the future people would be able to use the Qi chargers for charging their cell phones. The phones would need an additional accessory for charging them. The accessory is a sleeve which is a flap that fixes onto the back of the phone and is the main requirement for charging wirelessly. The sleeve comes specifically made and designed to fix onto a specific phone only. That means every single phone model would have its own sleeve. The sleeve contains a device that is capable of inducing electromagnetic waves which would be converted to electrical energy by the phone battery. The phone along with the sleeve fixed on it is kept on a charging station which will induce the magnetic currents into the sleeve.
Currently the Qi chargers are available for BlackBerry Curve 8900, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS.


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