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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Six-Legged Robot Unveiled

Tokyo-based robot making company, Kondo recently unveiled the KMR-M6 – a spider-like robot kit. It all began as a tool to be used by educators, robot competitors, and for people with love for the technology.
Six-Legged Robot Unveiled
See it in Action at end of this Article
Nicknamed the Hexopod, this six-legged robot looks and acts pretty much like its namesake. Powered by a 10.8V 800mAh Ni-MH battery, the robot comes with individual leg assemblies,
provided by the makers. In addition to that it includes software, a frame with extra space for adding optional cameras, grippers, et al. Each leg has two servos in it, built to manage the vertical and horizontal movements respectively, thereby lending good stability and flexibility to the six-legged creature.

The Kondo has 12 KRS-2552HV ICS Red Version servos to fit its requirements. The Kondo six-legged innovation is expected to be better than most others on difficult terrains. Kondo, at present, has priced its Hexopod at approximately $880. They’re expected to begin shipping by next month.


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