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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rumored: Windows 8 will have Kinect support?

We know that Windows 8 which is currently ‘in the works’ will have a ton of new features, and since the early build of Windows 8 got leaked, computer enthusiasts have managed to find an additional feature – ‘detect human presence’ aka Kinect support.

According to latest reports, Windows 8 will have human detection sensor, so we’re guessing that Windows 8 will have Kinect support, that will allow you to log in to your Windows 8 using your physical appearance, that sounds very cool.

As you know, Kinect uses a similar feature to Xbox Live, so it’s quite possible that we might see this feature with Windows 8 as well. In addition, Microsoft has mentioned that Kinect support is arriving PCs, along with software development kits, so Windows 8 might be the right OS for it, and we just hope that the final version of Windows 8 will support it out of the box.
Of course, if you don’t want to wait, you can always turn your Kinect to Windows 7 input device thanks to the various hacks. Kinect support for Windows 8 is just a speculation, but its likely to come to life with the final version of Windows 8 either officially or unofficially via the ‘tweaking community’.
[via Ubergizmo]


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