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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spinning Hat turns your iPad into a typewriter

It’s amazing to see what some companies can think of, and in this series we can also include the Typescreen keyboard dock for the iPad. This product will turn your iPad and iPad 2 into a traditional typewriter and is a product from Spinning Hat.

The Typescreen can be bought by anyone that is a bit nostalgic, and misses the times when typewriters were common tools in any office. This gadget is an officially licensed Apple product as well and will only be produced in limited quantities. Being a licensed Apple product it has the same high quality that one might expect from any Apple product.
In case you are wondering how it works, it’s actually pretty simple, the head of the typewriter touches the iPad’s keyboard that’s displayed on the screen and this allows the typewriter to type what ever you are writing on the iPad.
The price for the Spinning Hat Typescreenis around $75.
[via Techchee]


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