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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miniot Cover: Real wood cover / protection for iPad 2

All of us want to protect our gadgets, especially iOS devices from being dropped and cracked or scratched. Miniot has created a new case for the iPad 2 which is a lot like Apple’s smart case. It has built in magnet arrays that allows it to lay flat against the glass firmly to fully protect the device.

The case or cover is also able to fold and bend into a stand for your iPad 2.
It can turn your iPad into a viewer, a keyboard or an upright camera from the different angles of the Miniot Cover. The cover has full protection against scratching with it’s microfiber technology. It is available in four kinds of colors / wood material – Cherry, Oak, Walnut and Padouk. Since this is real wood that you are purchasing the price can be rather high at $70 a piece.
Miniot does offer free engraving though which is very cool, so you could give it as a gift and engrave a name in it.
[via iTechNews]


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