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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Griffin PowerJolt charger for iPad

Since the iPad 2 came out we’ve seen many new products and accessories for it, and we will most likely see more pop up. Griffin is a well known brand for accessories dedicated to iPods, iPhones and more. Their latest addition is for the iPad as well.
The Griffin PowerJolt car charger provides 10 watts to charge up your iOS devices, iPod, iPhone and the iPad. It charges most devices fairly quick, and it also uses a USB port meaning other USB devices can be charged using it while you are driving in the car. It also features a Smartfuse circuit break within.
So if you need to use your iPod, iPad or other USB compatible devices while you drive and you need to charge them while you are on the go,
you should check out the Griffin PowerJolt. You can find it on Amazon, eBay and also at most stores around you. At stores the PowerJolt retails for $24.99.
[via iTechNews]


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