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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Google introduces Google Talk Guru to Google Talk

Chatbots were popular back in the early days of instant messaging, but in case you miss them for some reason, Google is bringing one back.
Google Talk Guru is an experimental new service from Google Labs that works with Google Talk. To tell you the truth, Google Talk Guru is actually a chatbot for Google Talk that can fetch all sorts of information for you.
Google Talk Guru can obtain all sorts of information such as sports results, weather, definitions,
translations and so much more, and all that you have to do is to add guru@googlelabs.com to your Google Talk contact list, click it, and ask your question. If you want to get valid answer, you’ll have to use specific keywords, so keep that in mind.
Although Google Talk Guru cannot replace a real person, it’s still great because it can provide you with all sorts of information, so if you’re bored make sure that you try it out.
[via TechCrunch]


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