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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Google introduces +1 button to its users

Google is constantly doing its best to improve its search engine and one of its latest features just introduced is the +1 button. There have been all sorts of rumors related to this button, but since this button is available for experimental use, we decided to share more information about it.

Basically, +1 button allows you and your friends to like a certain webpage that is listed in your search results. This makes searching a bit easier,
since you’ll be able to see how many and which friends liked that particular link. According to Google, we can use +1 button with our search results or ads, and in the future, we’ll see +1 button on other sites as well, so we can like the pages that we’re reading instantly with a single click.
We have to notice that +1 button looks quite familiar to that of Facebok’s, but so far, it’s in experimental phase, so if you want to try it out, you’ll need to sign up for it with your Google account.
[via Ubergizmo]


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