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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Facebook phone – INQ Cloud Touch on sale now

The much pronounced Facebook Phone form INQ, INQ Cloud Touch, is finally released and is now available for $489. This cool facebook Phone was rumored back in February 2011 and is now finally launched.

As the name suggests, it is basically a smartphone made for Facebook lovers. It has lots of exciting features relating to Facebook. The INQ Cloud Touch runs on Android 2.2, packs a 3.5-inch 480×320 display, an 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 processor, a five MP camera, FM radio, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth.
The homescreen shows all of Facebook’s newsfeeds from your profile. It also lets you access many other Facebook features like Facebook Chat, Places, Facebook Messages,
Notifications, etc. All this can be easily accessed with a tap. You can also sync your Facebook events with Google Calendar, which is pretty neat.
After HTC released its ChaCha and Salsa Facebook phones (not very successfully), INQ Cloud Touch is the second pure Facebook phone to arrive the market. We’ll keep a close eye and see what sort of ratings it’ll receive.
[via UberGizmo]


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