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Friday, April 15, 2011

Chrome to warn you about malicious downloads

Folks from Google are working hard on their popular web browser, their latest plans at Google have been trying to improve the security of Google Chrome with some new features and one of which is to try and warn you about downloading malicious files.

Although Chrome is one of the safest, its not the safest browser on the internet, it still doesn’t offer proper protection against malicious files that users can easily find across the web. This new feature is an addition to Safe Browsing API that has been present since the early days of Chrome,
and it will analyze files that you’re downloading and it will give you a warning in case your file is infected with malware.
So far, this feature will only work with .exe files, and we would like to mention that it doesn’t scan the files like an antivirus, instead this features relies on Google’s Safe Browsing API black list of malicious websites, and if the .exe file comes from one of those sites, you’ll get a proper warning.
Although this isn’t the best solution, it will add additional security for not so tech-savvy Google Chrome users, we should expect to see this feature in the next stable release of Chrome.
[via PC Mag]


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