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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adobe Wallaby converts Flash to HTML 5

As you may know, HTML 5 brings many new features and one of those is multimedia. However, HTML 5 is still not a standard, and as for multimedia, Flash is widely popular and more used than HTML 5, so it’s no wonder that we see applications such as Wallaby.

Wallaby is an AIR app developed by Adobe that allows designers to simply convert Flash files to HTML 5. Conversion is quite simple, and in order to convert a Flash file into HTML 5, you just have to drag and
drop a Flash file into Wallaby and that’s it. Unlike other similar plugins that are available, Wallaby supports resources within animations and not just the animations. This means that you don’t convert the entire animation to HTML 5, in fact, you convert all its elements and thanks to the HTML5, you can simply choose an element and copy it to another location.
As you can see, Adobe Wallaby is a useful tool, and if you’re a Flash developer or HTML 5 developer make sure that you try it out.
[via Mashable]


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