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Saturday, March 19, 2011

White Print identifies anonymous email senders by analyzing writing patterns

Email is one of the fastest ways of communication nowadays, but as you know, email is often used by cyber-criminals for all sorts of illegal purposes. Although email provides a certain amount of anonymity, researchers have found a way to ‘ID’ anonymous email senders.

Researchers from Concordia University with Benjamin Fung as their leader, have found a way to identify anonymous email senders with a 80% to 90% accuracy. In order to ID the sender,
they analyze the unique writing patterns such as the style, grammar, and spelling using the special algorithm called White Print. According to them, White Print can tell them about the sender’s age and even education. In addition, they have tested White Print with 200,000 emails from 10 subjects and they’ve got 80% to 90% successful identifications.
This looks like a revolutionary method, this is one of those examples where I never thought a machine could outsmart the human brain, but will it be enough to identify cyber criminals? Only time will tell.
[via Ubergizmo]


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